Shop, eat & be surprised!

Shop, eat & be surprised! The Bazaar is a lively combination of 100.000 m² of outlets, shops, stalls, and food stands.

Over 1,000 entrepreneurs from around 50 distinct cultural backgrounds provide a broad variety of products, distributed over 16 halls, 2 outdoor markets, a car boot market, Gold Souk, a Food Market and a Food Hall.

Directions & How To Get To the Bazaar Beverwijk


The car park is always open and the charge is 5 Euro per car per day maximum (2 Euro for the first hour).

Planning to stay long and want to drive out without waiting? Buy day ticket before you start your visit at the parking meter or at the reception desk in the market information office, located in the white building marked “Markt Kantoor” near parking parking 4.

Regular visitor? Buy an annual parking pass for 50 Euro at the reception desk in the market information office.

Which Car Park is Best for Me?

Car Park: Best Parking to Go to: Address:
  • Car-boot sales
  • Outdoor market Plein 28 (clothing)
  • Grand Bazaar in Hall 25 and 26 (a.o. drugstore items)
Ringvaartweg 30; Beverwijk
  • Middle Eastern Market (food and lifestyle)
  • Hall 30 (restaurants, Asian supermarket, toys)
  • Car-boot sales
Ringvaartweg 30; Beverwijk
  • Middle Eastern Market (herbs, spices, and lifestyle)
  • Food Market (fresh produce)
  • Gold Souk (jewelry)
  • This parking is popular with the regulars and fills up quickly
Randweg 64; Beverwijk
  • Outlets in the round roofed halls
  • “Black Market” (hal 5)
  • Boulevard with terraces and food stalls
Montageweg 35; Beverwijk
  • “Black Market”, the origins of the Bazaar. Here, you’ll find the largest outlet for unused, returned products from large webshops
Parallelweg 87; Beverwijk


Train station Beverwijk has direct connections with Amsterdam Central Station, Haarlem, Hoorn and Alkmaar. Please go to to buy a ticket and check for travel information.

The walk to the Bazaar takes approximately 10 minutes, or you can take Bus 76.


Nearby bus stops are located next to the Bazaar. Please go to to check for travel information. You can buy a ticket with the bus driver, or use an OV chip-card if you have one.

  • From Beverwijk train station, Bus 76, bus stop: Bazaar Beverwijk
  • From Zaandam to Beverwijk, Bus 59, bus stop: Wijkermeerweg

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